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    Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience

    SCOPE is a platform that promotes collaborative work between primary care, hospital services, and community health partners to serve patients with complex needs in real-time.

    SCOPE in Mississauga is a partnership between the Mississauga Ontario Health Team (MOHT), Trillium Health Partners (THP), and the Mississauga Health Primary Care Network (PCN).

  • Data Driven Population Health Browser by


    This ‘Understanding our Community Tool’ provides organizations that are Members of Mississauga Health Ontario Health Team as well as care providers in Mississauga, access to a centralized resource, with data and insights on Mississauga’s demographics and populations by neighborhoods.

    View the tool:

  • Find Primary Care Practitioner in Mississauga Post Discharge Via


    This is a valued service in the Mississauga Region particularly for any discharged patient without a practitioner who requires follow-up care coordination.